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    15000 information sites

    Poland's regions
    and self-governments

    in the current division of the country

    All communes, towns,
    poviats and voivodships

    Every unit of the 2809 local self-government units has its own website consisting of several pages

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    every local website
    has a rich service and presentations
    and also links enabling
    quick intuitive moving:

    on voivodships' websites
    links to poviats and neighbouring voivodships,

    on poviats' websites
    - to neighbouring communes
    and poviats

    on communes' websites
    - to neighbouring communes

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     Websites of self-government units contain address
     details of local self-government administration
     offices, revenue offices, post offices, customs offices
     and centres of agricultural advisory

     Tenders of local self-governments

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    - Poland's regions and self-governments
    15000 information sites

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